Welcome to The Preserve of St. John, IN

A beautiful place to live located in quiet Saint John, IN. Trees, ponds, bike/walk paths, and great views can be found at every corner of the community.

You will find that The Preserve is perfectly positioned to allow you to enjoy all that Saint John has to offer while at the same time having easy access to I-394 to allow for quick travel to and from Chicago for commuting, shopping, and dining.

The Preserve community will be serviced by Lake Central & Private School Districts.


  • Easy access to I-394 for IN to IL commuting
  • Top rated community of St. John
  • Top rated schools
  • Over 100 acres of open space & nature preserves

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Lot Availability

If a lot is listed as AVAILABLE, please contact us if you have questions or are interested in purchasing the lot. If a builder's contact info is listed, contact that builder for more information or to purchase the home on that lot.

Lot #Avg. DimsFeaturesPriceContactAvailability/Builder
1580' x 150'Backs to OutlotCall(847) 608-1000West Point
1680' x 150'SPEC HOMECall(708) 514-2286Nicolas Michael
3980' x 164'Extra deep, FlatCall(219) 765-5535Van Deraa
41100' x 165'Big corner$74,800
55100' x 130'Wide lot$74,800
59170' x 250'Executive Lot / Trees$179,800
61140' x 280'Executive Lot / Trees$199,800
62140' x 240'Executive Lot / Walkout$179,800
6890' x 165'SPEC HOMECall(219) 322-0906Eenigenburg
7590' x 140'Daylight, Back to OutlotCall(219) 322-0906Eenigenburg
8490' x 150'90' Wide Flat Lot$85,800
88110' x 160'Corner, Flat lot$79,800
9080' x 150'Flat Lot$76,800
9180' x 150'DaylightCall(815) 485-2600Smetana Builders
9680' x 165'Daylight$79,800
9780' x 170'SPEC HOMECall(219) 689-1143Porter Bros. LLC.
10880' x 150'Flat Lot$79,800
109120' x 170'Big Corner, Daylight$79,800
11090' x 150'Flat, Backs to OutlotCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
11190' x 163'Daylight, Backs to OutlotCall(219) 276-2079Modern Family Homes
11280' x 167'DaylightCall(219) 281-6161New Castle Homes
11380' x 165'DaylightCall(219) 746-8189Vater Construction
11480' x 173'DaylightCall(219) 322-8017Premier Construction
11580' x 178'DaylightCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
116100' x 180'Daylight, CornerCall(219) 663-7370Hillcrest Builders
117100' x 180'Flat CornerCall(219) 276-2079Modern Family Homes
11880' x 173'Flat LotCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
11980' x 178'Flat LotCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
12080' x 190'Flat LotCall(708) 243-2761O’donnell Homes
13480' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 300-0153Sublime Homes
13580' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
13682' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 322-0906Eenigenburg
137100' x 150'Corner$82,800
13880' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 808-1008TG Development
13980' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 322-3303Cook Builders
14080' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
14180' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 322-0906Eenigenburg
142100' x 150'Corner$82,800
143120' x 150'CornerCall(219) 276-2079Modern Family Homes
14490' x 150'Flat LotCall(708) 906-2600Spyglass Builders
14590' x 150'Flat LotCall(815) 469-9150Huguelet
14690' x 150'Flat LotCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
147100' x 150'Corner$79,800
14880' x 150'Flat LotCall(814) 485-2600Smetana Builders
14980' x 150'Flat LotCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
15080' x 155'Flat LotCall(219) 276-2079Modern Family Homes
15180' x 173'Flat LotCall(219) 365-5699Dutch Mill
15280' x 188'Flat LotCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
15380' x 193'Daylight Basement$88,800
154100' x 143Corner, Flat$72,800
16380' x 175'Flat Lot$82,800
16680' x 161'Flat LotCall(815) 469-9150Huguelet
16780' x 160'Flat LotCall(219) 276-2079Modern Family Homes
17083' x 167'Flat Lot$76,800
17283' x 167'Flat LotCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
177100' x 150'Corner, Flat$82,800
17890' x 147'Premium Lot, Flat$82,800
18190' x 170'Premium Lot, FlatCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
18590' x 177'Premium Lot, FlatCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
19995' x 150'SPEC HOMECall(219) 808-1008TG Development
200100' x 150'Premium LotCall(219) 300-0153Sublime Homes
207100' x 150'Daylight, CornerCall(219) 808-1008TG Development
20893' x 150'Daylight, Backs to CreekCall(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
209100' x 150'Daylight, Backs to CreekCall(219) 663-7370Hillcrest Builders
210100' x 150'Daylight, Backs to CreekCall(219) 746-8189Vater Construction
211100' x 150'Daylight, Backs to CreekCall(219) 310-2505Element Homes
212100' x 150'Daylight, Backs to DetentionCall(219) 227-9533Newcastle Homes
213100' x 150'Daylight, Backs to DetentionCall(219) 300-0153Sublime Homes
214100' x 150'Daylight, Corner$98,800
215100' x 150'Daylight$79,800
21680' x 188'Flat Lot$86,800
21780' x 192'Flat LotCall(219) 276-2079Modern Family Homes
21880' x 185'Flat LotCall(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
21980' x 173'Flat LotCall(815) 469-9150Huguelet
22080' x 164'Flat Lot$85,800
22180' x 165'Flat LotCall(219) 322-8017Premier Construction
22280' x 172'DaylightCall(219) 746-8189Vater Construction
22380' x 157'Daylight$85,800
22490' x 155'DaylightCall(219) 203-1531SJP Enterprises
22590' x 160'DaylightCall(815) 469-9150Huguelet
22690' x 157'Flat LotCall(219) 365-5811Schilling Construction
22790' x 155'Flat LotCall(219) 689-1193Porter Bros. LLC.
22890' x 157'Flat LotCall(219) 322-3303Cook Builders
229100' x 168'Flat Lot, Corner$94,800
230100' x 322'Walkout, Large Sloping LotCall(219) 808-1008TG Development
231100' x 272'Walkout, Large Sloping LotCall(219) 322-0906Eenigenburg
232100' x 232'Walkout, Large Sloping LotCall(708) 906-2600Spyglass Builders
233100' x 205'Walkout, Large Sloping LotCall(219) 746-9519Trademark
234100' x 190'Walkout, Large Sloping LotCall(219) 746-9519Trademark
26190' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(708) 906-2600Spyglass Builders
26290' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 663-7370Hillcrest Builders
26390' x 150'Backs to ParkCall(219) 746-8189Vater Construction
G426' x 722'Walkout, Backs to Creek$248,000
H2480' x 272'Walkout, Backs to Creek$188,000

The Preserve Featured Estate Lots

Estate Lot G

  • Avg. Dims

    426' x 722'

  • Acreage

    4.9 Acres

  • Features

    Walkout, Backs to Creek

  • Price


Estate Lot H2

  • Avg. Dims

    480' x 272'

  • Acreage

    2.6 Acres

  • Features

    Walkout, Backs to Creek

  • Price


Estate Lot 1

  • Avg. Dims

    400' x 200'

  • Acreage

    1.55 Acres

  • Features

    Wooded Lot

  • Price


Estate Lot 2

  • Avg. Dims

    419’ x 216’

  • Acreage

    1.88 Acres

  • Features

    Wooded Lot, Backs to Creek

  • Price


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