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Land development has been a family business for generations.  Our family roots in local development can be traced back to the 1800’s when Louis B. Schilling was creating subdivisions in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  In the early 1900’s he began other developments in Dyer and Schererville, Indiana.  Two of his sons, Frank & Louis, moved to St. John, Indiana in the 1930’s and continued the family business and ventured into other businesses such as Schilling Lumber.  The family development business continues today under the Schilling Development name.

Schilling Development is located in St. John, Indiana.  Subdivisions are currently being developed in Saint John, Crown Point, Chesterton, and Cedar Lake.  Schilling Development also is planning developments in Lowell, Winfield, and other communities.  Schilling Development continues to grow and build some of the finest communities in Northwest Indiana.

As a family owned and operated local developer with deep roots in the community, Schilling Development takes pride in all of its subdivisions.

Schilling Development is always looking to acquire additional land for development.  If you would like us to look at your land, please contact us today.  We respect the history of the family land and try to maximize the beauty of the existing terrain and features.



A commitment to creating and managing dynamic developments that enhance the quality of life for residents and a lasting value for the community.


Well-designed Entrances that make a bold and dramatic statement while remaining welcoming and attractive.


High Landscaping and Architectural requirements, including the use of quality building materials and diverse textures, creating one of a kind neighborhoods.


Distinctive designs utilizing the lands natural features and topography along with creative engineering to form unique subdivisions.


Developments in the most desirable locations, complemented by unrivaled access to main roadways and convenience to services.


Developments that put environmental awareness, enhancement and preservation at the forefront of architecture and design.


Well-funded associations ensure continued maintenance of current and future common areas for years to come.


Strong rules set in place from the start regarding architecture, construction and maintenance to protect homeowner's investment.


With over 100 years of land development experience, the Schilling family will continue to use its long-standing network of professional relationships to create landmark destinations.

The History of Schilling Development


Louis B. (L.B.) Schilling purchases and develops his first community in Chicago Heights.


L.B.’s sons, Frank J. & Louis W. Schilling, learn the development and construction business while L.B. continues developing Chicago heights and extending his reach over the border to Dyer, IN.


Frank J. & Louis W. Schilling move to St. John, Indiana, open a gas station, and build their home on a gravel US 41.


As L.B. continues to develop Dyer and Schererville, Frank J., and Louis W. open Schilling Lumber in St. John.

1950's - 60's

L.B. continues to develop land and build homes in the Dyer, Schererville, and St. John areas. Frank J. & Louis W. begin construction on the St. John Mall, which includes the first bank in St. John. They also build an updated gas station at a new location.


The Schilling family constructs Barney’s Restaurant and The Schilling Inn on US 41.


The development of Louis Estates & Schillton Hills begins in the late ’80s.


Rosewood Estates is Developed, and Schilling Brothers Lumber continues to experience rapid growth.


The Schillings make an impact in booming Northwest Indiana developing infrastructure and more communities.

2010 - Present

Schilling Development continues to build and plan new communities and commercial properties throughout Northwest Indiana.

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