Welcome to The Preserve in St. John, IN


A beautiful place to live located in quiet Saint John, IN.
Trees, ponds, bike/walk paths, and great views can be found at every corner of the community.

You will find that The Preserve is perfectly positioned to allow you to enjoy all that Saint John has to offer while at the same time having easy access to I-394 to allow for quick travel to and from Chicago for commuting, shopping and dining.

The Preserve community will be serviced by Lake Central & Private School Districts.


Easy access to I-394 for IN to IL commuting
Top rated community of St. John
Top rated schools
Over 100 acres of open space & nature preserves

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Phase #Lot #Avg. Dims.FeaturesPriceBuilder
Phase 11180' x 150'SPEC HOME(219) 688-8457Nicolas Michael
Phase 11580' x 150'Backs to Outlot(847) 608-1000West Point
Phase 11680' x 150'Backs to Outlot85800AVAILABLE
Phase 11886' x 150'Backs to Outlot(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
Phase 12590' x 140'Cul-de-sac89800AVAILABLE
Phase 12680' x 145'Cul-de-sac89800AVAILABLE
Phase 13180' x 140'Backs to Outlot(847) 608-1000West Point
Phase 13280' x 142'Backs to Outlot85800AVAILABLE
Phase 136113' x 155'Corner, Walkout85800AVAILABLE
Phase 13980' x 164'Extra deep, Flat(219) 765-5535Van Deraa
Phase 141100' x 165'Big corner74800AVAILABLE
Phase 14480' x 162'Extra Deep76800AVAILABLE
Phase 14580’ x 164‘SPEC HOME(708) 268-7806KKD
Phase 14780' x 153'SPEC HOME(219) 746-8189Vater Const.
Phase 14980' x 150'SPEC HOME(847) 608-1000West Point
Phase 15080' x 150'Backs to Outlot(219) 313-6017Scheeringa & Devries
Phase 15280' x 150'SPEC HOME(847) 608-1000West Point
Phase 15480’ x 150’SPEC HOME(708) 606-8455Florio Const.
Phase 155100' x 130'Wide lot74800AVAILABLE
Phase 258170' x 280'Executive Lot / TreesPENDINGPENDING
Phase 261140' x 280'Executive Lot / Trees199800AVAILABLE
Phase 262140' x 240'Executive Lot / Walkout179800AVAILABLE
Phase 26690' x 150'Trees, Backs to Outlot92800PENDING
Phase 26890' x 165'Trees, Backs to Outlot(219) 322-0906Eenigenburg
Phase 27490' x 160'Daylight, Back to Outlot(219) 365-6931Eggert Builders
Phase 27590' x 140'Daylight, Back to Outlot(219) 808-3781Dutch Mill
Phase 27690' x 175'Daylight, Extra deep, Outlot(219) 281-6161Newcastle Homes
Phase 28090' x 150'90' Wide Flat LotPENDINGPENDING
Phase 28290' x 150'SPEC HOME(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
Phase 28390' x 150'SPEC HOME(219) 922-9574Dabrowski Const.
Phase 28490' x 150'90' Wide Flat Lot(219) 746-9519Trademark Group
Phase 28590' x 150'90' Wide Flat Lot(815) 469-9150Hugvelet
Phase 28690' x 150'SPEC HOME(815) 469-9150Hugvelet
Phase 288110' x 160'Corner, Flat lot79800HOLD
Phase 28980' x 155'Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 29080' x 150'Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 29180' x 150'Daylight79800AVAILABLE
Phase 29280' x 150'Daylight79800AVAILABLE
Phase 29680' x 165'Daylight79800AVAILABLE
Phase 210880' x 150'Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 2109120' x 170'Big Corner, DaylightHOLDHOLD
Phase 3154100 X 143Corner, FlatPENDINGPENDING
Phase 315580 X 150Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 315680 x 150Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 315780 X 146Flat Lot78800AVAILABLE
Phase 315880 X 148Flat Lot78800AVAILABLE
Phase 315980 X 157Flat Lot78800AVAILABLE
Phase 316080 X 170Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 316180 X 175Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 316280 X 175Flat Lot(708) 203-7917Micor Homes
Phase 316380 X 175Flat LotPENDINGPENDING
Phase 316480 X 174Flat Lot76800HOLD
Phase 316580 X 169Flat LotPENDINGPENDING
Phase 316680 X 161Flat LotPENDINGPENDING
Phase 316780 X 156Flat Lot78800AVAILABLE
Phase 317083 X 167Flat Lot76800AVAILABLE
Phase 317183 X 169Flat Lot76800AVAILABLE
Phase 317283 X 167Flat Lot76800AVAILABLE
Phase 317383 X 162Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 317483 X 162Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 317583 X 165Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 317683 X 160Flat Lot79800AVAILABLE
Phase 3177100 X 150Corner, Flat82800AVAILABLE
Phase 317890 X 147Premium Lot, Flat84800AVAILABLE
Phase 317990 X 149Premium Lot, Flat86800AVAILABLE
Phase 318090 X 164Premium Lot, Flat86800AVAILABLE
Phase 318190 X 170Premium Lot, FlatPENDINGPENDING
Phase 318290 X 170Premium Lot, Sloping87800AVAILABLE
Phase 318390 X 170Premium Lot, Sloping87800AVAILABLE
Phase 318590 X 177Premium Lot, FlatPENDINGPENDING
Phase 3187100 X 184Premium Lot, FlatPENDINGPENDING
Phase 319195 X 150Premium Lot, Daylight(219) 281-6161New Castle Homes
Phase 319695 X 150Premium Lot, Daylight(219) 808-3781Dutch Mill
Phase 319795 X 150SPEC HOME(219) 281-6161New Castle Homes
Phase 319995 X 150Premium Lot, Daylight(219) 808-1008TG Development
Phase 3201100 X 152Premium Lot, Daylight(219) 746-8189Vater Const.
Phase 3203100 X 150Premium Lot Daylight(219) 281-6161New Castle Homes
Phase 3204100 X 150Premium Lot Daylight(219) 281-6161New Castle Homes
Phase 3205100 X 150SPEC HOME(219) 281-6161New Castle Homes
Phase 3206120 X 150SPEC HOME(219) 746-9519Trademark Homes
EstateG426' x 722'Walkout, Backs to Creek, 4.9 Acres248000AVAILABLE
EstateH2480’ x 272’Walkout, Backs to Creek, 2.6 Acres188000AVAILABLE



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Estate Lots For Sale

Lot G

Lot G

Average Dimensions: 426′ x 722′ (4.9 Acres)

  • Features
    • Backs to creek
    • Suitable for Walkout Basement
    • St. John Sewer & Water
    • Lake Central Schools
Price: $248,000

Lot H2

Average Dimensions: 480′ x 272′ (2.6 Acres)

  • Features
    • Backs to creek
    • Suitable for Walkout Basement
    • St. John Sewer & Water
    • Lake Central Schools
Price: $188,000

Nearby Shopping Centers

Beautiful Family Attractions

Top Rated Schools

St. John has developed into one of Northwest Indiana’s finest towns to live in. With beautiful views, top quality shopping centers, activities for anytime of day, great dining options, easy access to and from Illinois, and the perks of low Indiana taxes, many have found the benefits of St. John to outweigh any of the surrounding towns. Located just east of the Illinois border, only a short 40 minute drive from the city of Chicago, traveling to a from work for commuters or families looking for a weekend trip has proven to be truly a task of ease. While having easy access to Illinois, St. John also sits between some of Northwest Indiana’s other top towns such as Crown Point and Cedar Lake, which both offer even more amenities just a short drive away.

St. John openly welcomes new residents and even visitors. With many traveling to and from to “take the journey” at the town’s The Shrine of Christ’s Passion, coming in town to watch their high school teams compete against Lake Central’s many top ranked state teams, and to journey through one of Indiana’s top rated communities, the town is open for all. You will find a true mix of many atmospheres throughout the town that many surrounding ones do not have to offer. Its preservation of trees and natural areas along with a paved walking/biking trail makes the neighborhood desirable. The covenants requiring strict architectural approval results in beautiful, unique homes.

Benefits of Living in The Preserve

Choosing The Preserve as your place to live in St. John is one of the best decisions you can make. With the location being just blocks from local shopping, athletic fields, restaurants, and attractions, while at the same time being only a short drive from other offerings in Crown Point or Cedar Lake, the neighborhood allows you to take in everything that is offered in Northwest Indiana.

Local Amenities 



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