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Welcome to Copper Creek

Now open!

A beautiful place to live located in Crown Point, the Copper Creek subdivision is one of the finest choices for areas to live in the town.  Trees, ponds, and great views can be found at every corner of the community. Located in the Southwest corner of Crown Point just blocks from the top rated Crown Point High School, St. Anthony’s hospital and Youche Country Club. Less than 3 miles from the historic Crown Point square, 3 miles to I-65 or 3 miles to recreational opportunities of Cedar Lake. A part of Northwest Indiana’s fastest growing community. Offering a wide range of lots of 80’x130′ and larger. The property is wooded and rolling with walkout and daylight lots available.

The Copper Creek community will be joined in with the Crown Point Schools.  Lake Street Elementary, Robert Taft Middle School, and Crown Point High School are the 3 top of the line schools that the community is apart of.


Close to YMCA
Close to historic Crown Point Square
Close to Crown Point High School
Crown Point Schools
Crown Point Sewage and Water
Next to Youche Golf Club
Close to county park and fairgrounds
Close to I-65 interchange
Featuring AT&T Fiber Optic – NWI’s Fastest Internet

Phase 4: Wooded Seclusion Coming Soon!

Lot #    AddressAvg. Dims.FeaturesBuilderContact
77Sylvia Lane90 x 135Large Corner, DaylightFisher Construction219-696-2043
78Sylvia Lane80 x 135DaylightCK Building & Design 219-775-0510
79Sylvia Lane80 x 130DaylightDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
80Sylvia Lane80 x 130DaylightTrademark Group Development219-746-9519
81Sylvia Lane80 x 130FlatDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
82Sylvia Lane80 x 130FlatParadise Builders219-306-0050
83Sylvia Lane80 x 130FlatKelly Construction, Inc219-663-6030
84Franklin Drive100 x 125FlatAnderson & Anderson 219-743-4341
85Franklin Drive80 x 130Large Corner, DaylightSteiner HomesDavid Gring 219-916-3744
86Franklin Drive80 x 130DaylightAmerican Dream
87Franklin Drive80 x 130DaylightVater Construction219-746-8189
88Franklin Drive80 x 130DaylightEenigenburg Builders219-322-0906
89Franklin Drive100 x 130FlatFisher Construction219-696-2043
90Copper Creek Drive90 x 130Large CornerDistinctive Homes219-742-6324
91Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatAnderson & Anderson219-743-4341
92Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatAvailableAvailable
93Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatEenigenburg Builders219-322-0906
94Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
95Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatAvailableAvailable
96Copper Creek Drive100 x 130Large CornerAvailableAvailable
97Copper Creek Drive110 x 135Large CornerSoldSold
98Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatCK Building & Design 219-775-0510
99Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatKelly Construction, Inc219-663-6030
100Copper Creek Drive80 x 130FlatAvailableAvailable
102Franklin Drive80 x 130FlatPalace Builders219-313-9873
103Franklin Drive90 x 130CornerAvailableAvailable
104Sylvia Lane80 x 130DaylightVater Construction219-746-8189
105Sylvia Lane80 x 130DaylightTrademark Group Development219-746-9519
106Sylvia Lane80 x 130WalkoutDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
107Sylvia Lane80 x 130WalkoutAnderson & Anderson 219-743-4341
108Feather Rock Drive110 x 140Large CornerSOLDSOLD
109Feather Rock Drive80 x 125FlatAvailableAvailable
143Feather Rock Drive100 x 130Large CornerTG Development219-808-1008
144Feather Rock Drive100 x 130Back to TreesNewcastle Homes630-327-8360
145S. Feather Rock Dr.110 x 130Wooded, flat, cornerTG Development219-808-1008
146Copper Creek Dr.80 x 155Wooded, lookout, CEEenigenburg Builders219-322-0906
147Copper Creek Dr.80 x 139Wooded, lookout, CEDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
148Copper Creek Dr.80 x 136Wooded, lookout, side slope, CETrademark Group219-746-9519
149Copper Creek Dr.80 x 148Wooded, lookout, CE219-808-1008
150Copper Creek Dr.85 x 135Wooded, flat, CESteiner HomesDavid Gring 219-916-3744
151Copper Creek Dr.110 x 124Wooded, high, slopingSteiner HomesDavid Gring 219-916-3744
152Copper Creek Dr.84 x 139Wooded, high, flatNewcastle Homes630-327-8360
153Copper Creek Dr.80 x 134Wooded, high, slopingParadise Builders219-313-9873
154Copper Creek Dr.80 x 131Wooded, high, flatAvailableAvailable
155Copper Creek Dr.80 x 128Wooded, high, flatLegacy Builders219-776-3116
156Copper Creek Dr.107 x 125Wooded, corner, flatTG Development219-808-1008
162Estelle Lane80 x 130Wooded, high, flat219-746-9519
163Estelle Lane80 x 129Wooded, high, flatNewcastle Homes630-327-8360
164Walnut Drive102 x 129Wooded, corner, flatTG Development219-808-1008
165Walnut Drive80 x 137Wooded, lookout, sideslopeHeartland Builders219-746-9352
166Walnut Drive95 x 138Wooded, corner, lookout, slopingVater Construction219-746-8189
167Walnut Drive100 x 225Wooded, corner, lookout, CEParadise Builders219-306-0050
168Walnut Drive85 x 150Wooded, cul-de-sac, lookout, CEVater Construction219-746-8189
169Walnut Drive85 x 180Wooded, cul-de-sac, walkout,CEHomes by Dutch Mill219-808-3781
170Walnut Drive85 x 165Wooded, cul-de-sac, walkout,CETG Development 219-808-1008
171Walnut Drive85 x 125Wooded, cul-de-sac, walkout,CETG Development 219-808-1008
172Walnut Drive110 x 160Wooded, cul-de-sac, walkout,CEKelly Construction, Inc219-663-6030
177Estelle Lane93 x 130WoodedNewcastle Homes630-327-8360
178Estelle Lane80 x 140WoodedDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
179Estelle Lane80 x 120WoodedCK Building & Design 219-775-0510
180Estelle Lane85 x 125WoodedSteiner HomesDavid Gring 219-916-3744
181Walnut Drive80 x 110WoodedCK Building & Design 219-775-0510
182Walnut Drive80 x 140WoodedTG Development 219-808-1008
183Walnut Drive80 x 143Wooded, partial lookoutCK Building & Design219-775-0510
184Walnut Drive80 x 169Wooded, lookout, side slopeDiamond Peak Homes219-775-5096
185Copper Creek Dr.100 x 118Wooded, corner, high, side driveTH Construction219-746-8233
186Copper Creek Dr.82 x 133Wooded, heavy slope, walkout?Artisan Construction219-313-4102
187Copper Creek Dr.85 x 160Wooded, heavy slope, walkout?River Bend Homes219-308-1572
188Copper Creek Dr.90 x 160Wooded, heavy slopeAvailableAvailable
189Copper Creek Dr.85 x 180Wooded, heavy slopeAvailableAvailable
190Copper Creek Dr.85 x 130Cul-de-sacTG Development219-808-1008
191Copper Creek Dr.120 x 160Big, cul-de-sacAvailableAvailable

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