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A beautiful place to live located in Crown Point, the Copper Creek subdivision is one of the finest choices for areas to live in the town.  Trees, ponds, and great views can be found at every corner of the community. Located in the Southwest corner of Crown Point just blocks from the top rated Crown Point High School, St. Anthony’s hospital and Youche Country Club. Less than 3 miles from the historic Crown Point square, 3 miles to I-65 or 3 miles to recreational opportunities of Cedar Lake. A part of Northwest Indiana’s fastest growing community. Offering a wide range of lots of 80’x130′ and larger. The property is wooded and rolling with walkout and daylight lots available.

The Copper Creek community will be joined in with the Crown Point Schools.  Lake Street Elementary, Robert Taft Middle School, and Crown Point High School are the 3 top of the line schools that the community is apart of.

“Copper Creek is a Knockout subdivision,” commission member Dan Rohaley said of Copper Creek. “The quality is incredible.”
-NWI Times


  • Close to YMCA
  • Close to historic Crown Point Square
  • Close to Crown Point High School
  • Crown Point Schools
  • Crown Point Sewage and Water
  • Next to Youche Golf Club
  • Close to county park and fairgrounds
  • Close to I-65 interchange
  • Featuring AT&T Fiber Optic – NWI’s Fastest Internet

Lot Availability

Lot #Avg. DimsContact/PriceAvailability/Builder
2219-663-4384Van Prooyen Builders Inc
580' x 144'219-281-6161Newcastle Homes
680' x 159'219-746-8189Vater Construction
10100' x 147'219-276-2079Modern Family Homes
1180' x 131'219-276-2079Modern Family Homes
1580' x 131'219-281-6161Newcastle Homes
1680' x 131'219-281-6161Newcastle Homes
1780' x 131'219-281-6161Newcastle Homes
2080' x 132'219-779-9464Diamond Peak Homes
2280' x 132'219-365-2245O’Donnell Homes
27219-746-9519TG Development
36219-281-6161Newcastle Homes
38219-365-2245O’Donnell Homes
43219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
45219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
5080' x 130'219-629-3736MAK Construction
5180' x 130'219-276-2079Modern Family Homes
5280' x 130'219-365-2245O’Donnell Homes
7088' x 130'219-276-2079Modern Family Homes
8180' x 130'219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
8580' x 130'219-916-3744Steiner Homes
116219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
118219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
123219-313-4102Artisan Construction
138219-281-6161Newcastle Homes
140219-746-8189Vater Construction
161219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
184100' x 169$76,800AVAILABLE
185104' x 118'219-746-8233TH Construction, Inc
18870' x 173'$72,800AVAILABLE
19280' x 225'86,800AVAILABLE
19990' x 130'219-322-0906Eenigenburg Builders
20080' x 130'219-365-2245O’Donnell Homes
20580' x 145'$86,800AVAILABLE
21180' x 224'219-663-4384Van Prooyen Builders Inc
21280' x 236'219-779-9464Diamond Peak Homes
21597' x 214'219-629-3736MAK Construction

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2244 Copper Creek Dr
Crown Point, IN 46307